Best Business Management and Finance Coaching Firm in Canada
  • How We Help You

    Leadership &
    Executive Coaching

    We saw where the business challenges usually begin.
    Hard as it may seem, challenges often occur from the top.

  • How We Help You

    Expert Finance

    Having capital is one thing but ensuring steady cash flow is another.
    This is where you will be needing our help more than a decade.
  • How We Help You

    As an entrepreneur, you begin your business based on your passion and skills until you hit a wall and become unsure of where to take your business next.

  • How We Help You

    HR Management

    Employees’ expectations can sometimes be very daunting.
    They are excited one minute then demands come up over a period of time.

Who We Are?

Priti Lad Professional Corporation is a Business Management and Finance Coaching and Consulting Firm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that has been helping businesses in different industries since 2011.

We are known as the Financial “Problem-Solver” and the Business “Solution-Provider” in the Architectural, Engineering, Design, IT and Construction Industry in the Greater Ottawa Region. 

What do we do?

We Help Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Maximize their Profits and Improve their Cash Flow through
End-to-End Leadership & Executive Coaching.

We partner with entrepreneurs in providing answers on their Business and Financial challenges to increase their profit and savings through hands-on and continuous Business and Financial Education.

How We Help You
Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services

Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services are our business language.  We make sure we offer what you only need because we believe that our value comes when it reflects on your bottom line, may it be in profit or in savings.

Our 4 Flagship Services have evolved over a period of time.  These services came about as a by-product of our clients’ needs.

Priti Lad CPA, CGA

Founder, Principal, Business Coach, CFO



PEACE OF MIND is our commitment when you choose us as your partner in running your business and expanding your financial portfolio.    


What They Say

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Phone: (343) 291-1182
1100 - 343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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