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Every business requires a solid financial footing. It is common for business owners to try to manage bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities themselves to save money. But often it leads to inaccuracy and backlog. Without an accurate and timely financial record, companies suffer with cash flow issues and unable to make the right decisions about their sustainability and growth.

Our Ottawa accountants at Priti Lad Professional Corporation will be able to apply our expert financial management skills so that you can focus on building your business and generating more revenue. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are design to provide professional, accurate and timely record keeping, giving you information that will allow you to make an informed and sound business decision.

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Payroll Accounting &
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Managing payroll and tax accounting for a business of any size can seem like a daunting task without the expertise of an accountant. Managing payroll properly ensures that your staff gets paid without putting strain on your business finances. In payroll, and other aspects of your business including sales and investment, there are tax implications that need to be accounted for and reported to the CRA accurately.

Making sure this is done properly will help your business avoid being audited and potentially penalized for non-compliance. Our Ottawa accountants at Priti Lad Professional Corporation include payroll and tax accounting in their services to serve their clients with all of their accounting needs.


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