Best Business Practice: Part 2 – Human Resources (10-Part Course Series) - Priti Lad
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Online Live Training


Online Live Training
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Oct 19 2023


2 Hours
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


10-Part: CA$ 5000

Best Business Practice: Part 2 – Human Resources (10-Part Course Series)

5-week Fast Track All-in Business Course 

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1:1 Coaching sessions with a 90-day action plan

✓Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE)

✓DISC (Personal Behavioral Profile Analysis)


Welcome to our dynamic 10-part series on Business Best Practices! Get ready to embark on a journey of growth and success as we teach you essential topics that will supercharge your business processes.

Led by Certified Professional Business Coach Priti Lad, this series is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create actionable plans that will transform your business. Discover your potential, achieve financial freedom, and strike the perfect work-life balance with our proven strategies.


Key topics include:

Attract and retain top talent with effective HR practices

Build a workforce that propels your business forward


Course Content:

Implement an Effective Hiring System and Written Job Descriptions.

Provide Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Development for Employees.

Motivate Performance with Competitive Benefits and Compensation Plans.

Conduct Regular Feedback and Formal Evaluations to Enhance Employee Growth.

Foster a Positive Work Environment to Attract and Retain Talent.


This Program is for you if you are:

Startup founders seeking to establish a strong business foundation

Experienced business owners aiming to optimize operations

Professionals in leadership roles and managers

This exclusive workshop has been meticulously crafted by our Principal and Professional Certified Business Coach Priti Lad with your needs in mind.



Join all 10 parts and save 15% – Only CAD4250 instead of CAD5000

And as a bonus, you get exclusive benefits! 

1:1 coaching session with a 90-day action plan

+ Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE)

+ DISC (Personal Behavioral Profile Analysis)


Why should you seize this opportunity?

✓Immerse yourself in hands-on training with Certified Business Coach Priti Lad

Approachable Personal Business Coach at your service

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✓Gain access to recorded training and modules for future reference

Enroll in this exciting 10-part series and break the secrets to business excellence! Discover the power of best practices and test your business’s true potential. Achieve financial freedom while living your best life as a successful and fulfilled business owner.