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How We Help You

We saw where the business challenges usually begin.  Hard as it may seem, challenges often occur from the top. Sometimes due to a chaotic process flow, unsystematic organizational regulations or simply unequipped leaders and executives.  

We, in PLPC, believe that Leaders and Executives, especially during their start-up period or even in the middle when the system is not in place, need a  reliable coach to provide awareness and help them become formidable leaders who can communicate.

Priti Lad Professional Corporation Leadership coaching’s goal is to teach accountability to ensure that each team member is performing as expected while Priti Lad Professional Corporation Executive Coaching’s goal  is to implement sustainability through transformation and collaborative relationships with the core team members of the company to keep it strong and profitable for the long haul.

We have 3 Programs to choose from:

5-week Commitment

6-month Commitment

12-month Commitment

How We Help You

Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services

Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services are our business language.  We make sure we offer what you only need because we believe that our value comes when it reflects on your bottom line, may it be in profit or in savings.

Our 4 Flagship Services have evolved over a period of time.  These services came about as a by-product of our clients’ needs.

cHoose your plan

Services Package We Offer:

Identify & Learn
5-week Commitment
Identify & Implement
Min. 6-Month Commitment
Accountability Program+CFO
Min. 12-Month Commitment

* 8-10 entrepreneurs per group session

** To help you create your Implementation Plan (you are in charge of implementing yourself)

*** If there is no Finance Team, we will discuss about our Accounting & Payroll related services.

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Phone: (343) 291-1182
1100 - 343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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