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The Story of Priti Lad
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Our Story

Priti Lad’s beginning did not unfold like a typical professional corporation where Board Members and Stockholders built a Brick-and-Mortar Office and offered their services to B2B Entrepreneurs.    

Priti Lad became a formidable professional brand in Ottawa’s Business and Finance Industry when she became the “go-to” Chartered Professional Accountant of various businesses solving their taxation challenges way back in 2011. It was then that Priti Lad Professional Corporation made a breakthrough in the professional industry.

In 2016, PLPC ventured into offering a Virtual CFO Service that saves their clients the headache of missing out on serving their customers by entrusting the backend of the organization by having PLPC manage their bottom line.

When the pandemic hits in 2020, PLPC effortlessly transitioned into what they call the “new normal” because they have been remotely helping their clients in different areas of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from the moment the company began.  Their immersion in remote management eased business challenges and even doubled their client base through referrals and recommendations.

For this reason, PLPC is now known in the industry as “problem-solvers” and “solution-providers”.

Currently, PLPC is expanding services to help Small and Medium Business Owners, in Canada and America, to share their Fast Track Program and 1 on 1 Business Coaching as their way of contributing to the Global Business and Professional Community in promoting the right way of doing business for growth and stability.

With the advocacy to help one client at a time, PLPC expanded their services where it really mattered – Leadership and Executive Consulting and Coaching focusing on business and finance.  Peace of mind is the reward you get if you have PLPC Team on board.

We, at PLPC, believe that clients’ success is our success, and it is our pride in seeing them achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Licenses & Certifications

Professional Business Coaches Association

PBCA Canada

The Certified Value Builder

The Value Builder System™
Credential ID Certified Value Builder Advisor

CFO Leadership and Performance Trasformation

CPA Ontario

Corporate Finace

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)

In-depth GST HST

CPA Ontario

We believe


And it is our pride in seeing them achieve organizational goals and objectives.


To provide insightful financial and business management strategies and tools that will allow entrepreneurs to realize their full potential.


To be the “top-of-mind” Virtual Financial and Business Management Coaching and Consulting Partner for small and medium entrepreneurs in Canada and America that will be known as a “solution provider” in establishing client’s growth and stability.


Relationships, Accountability, Results and Efficiency. The RARE values that we prioritize when working with our clients to produce the best results.






PEACE OF MIND is our commitment when you choose us as your partner in running your business and expanding your financial portfolio.    

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