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Fund Administration Service

Fund Administration Service

For Accuracy and Transparency

Managing one fund or multiple funds for venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firm is not simple and easy tasks. On top of that gaining and keeping investors trust in VC and PE firm relies on how their money managed and how transparent the firm is in terms of providing information about their investment. When comes to fund administration, VC and PE firm needs person with knowledge of the operation as well as great organization skills to stay on top of that.

Our Fund administration service will not only help VC and PE firm stay on top tracking commitment, capital call, collection of capital call, banking transactions, but also help you keep track of all SPV (sidecar investment) and General Partner (GP) shares, management fee, investment portfolio ( with each round of funding and its valuation ) . We work as part of the team and communicate with investor and portfolio company on regularly when needed. We focus on giving you peace of mind by taking care of the tedious tasks of fund management.


Fund Accounting and CFO Service

Trusted Advisor for Better Decision-making

Every VC And PE firm needs trusted advisor that they can count on when making financial decision about investment or internal business operation. Accurate accounting related to fund and operation is critical for any VC and PE firm since they require to issue periodic financial reports to investors as well as for the year end audit. Having CFO as part of your team help you gain trust of investors and give you insight into your financial status for current and future. Our CFO service allows you to have trusted advisor by your side for not just keeping accounting records up to date but help you prepare and issue periodic reports with confidence. We also liaise with auditor during audit process for effortless completion.

Fund Administration Roles & Responsibilities

Fund Accounting and CFO Roles & Responsibilities

Having experience CFO and financial manager by your side, your firm can benefit by savings time on fund administration, getting accurate and reliable reports, ease of audit process, gain investors’ trust and most of all give you, managing director a peace of mind. We build fixed fee package based on your need and requirement, so you can budget yourself. Please contact us and find out how we can help your firm.

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