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Payroll and HR Management

Ease of Payroll Management

Limit Your Tax Burden and Give Your Staff Clarity

Hiring staff for your business as it is a big undertaking and specially, managing payroll and human resource (HR) function for a business of any size can be daunting task without the expertise. There are lot more tasks involved besides payroll when hiring staff such as filing source deduction, WSIB and EHT, preparing yearend slips as well as record of employment when staff leaves. Professionally managed payroll functions ensures that your staff gets paid accurately, timely and without putting strain on you and your business finances and avoid being audited and potentially penalized for non-compliance.

HR Policy and Regulations

HR Management Without Headache

HR management tasks such as preparing and enforcing company policy in terms of employment including managing benefit and pension plan are critical to business. Professionally managed HR functions ensures that you stay compliance with Employment Standard Act (ESA) and also, protect yourself from legal liability when comes to staff entitlement and employer rights. Our well-trained staff will help you manage HR functions to protect your business. We act as your HR department to process payroll and government remittance, enforce policy, and answer any questions you or staff has in terms of employment.

Our Services Includes:

Inaccurately managed payroll and HR functions not just can lead to problem with employee but also put you in hot water with CRA and ministry of labor. Hire us to professionally manage your payroll and HR functions to save time and money and have peace of mind when comes to managing staff.

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