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PEACE OF MIND is our commitment when you choose us as your partner in running your business and expanding your financial portfolio.    

Priti Lad, CPA, CGA, CPBC

Founder, Principal, Business Coach, CFO

Priti is a passionate and highly skilled Business Management and Finance Coach and Consultant with 22+ years of experience handling clients in different industries.  Her expertise is managing the finances of diverse businesses as Virtual CFO and Financial Controller.

Her notable experience as a Tax Auditor in Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) benefits her clients in running their businesses aligned with the Canadian Government regulations . Her clients include Venture Capitalist firms administering 3 funds valued at $90 million, successful Interior Designers and Architectural Firms, Commercial and Industrial Enterprises. Due to Priti’s RARE Values, some clients who started when Priti Lad Professional Corporation (PLPC) was founded are still with them to this day.

Priti has a passion for learning new things and challenging herself to try things that she has not done before. She makes sure that her knowledge and her company will always stay relevant by continuously developing her Power Team.  She owns a large collection of business and investment books. In her personal time, Priti enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and hiking.

Sam Theriault

Assistant Controller

Sam has several years of working experience in various departments of the accounting world, from small to medium businesses entailing construction, automotive, technology, delivery, and customer service industries, to name a few.

She found her passion for accounting while working for a finance department in the UK and has never looked back. Sam joined Priti Lad Professional Corporation in October 2021 and has contributed tremendously in building strong relationships with customers by providing excellent service. She thrives in organizing the world around her to make sure things run smoothly.

When not working, she enjoys traveling around the world and engaging with diverse cultures. Summer is her favorite season as she loves water activities, walking in nature and you are likely to find her cuddled up with a good book.

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Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services

Comprehensive Finance and Business Management Services are our business language.  We make sure we offer what you only need because we believe that our value comes when it reflects on your bottom line, may it be in profit or in savings.

Our 4 Flagship Services have evolved over a period of time.  These services came about as a by-product of our clients’ needs.

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